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Birken AS
Corporation number: 912 889 912 MVA

The corporation is a partnership between  Lillehammer Skiklub and Rena Idrettslag each owning a 50% share. There are 23 full time employees. In addition approximately 6000 work as volunteers during the year. Estimated turnover is 100 million Norwegian kroner.

Birken AS organizes Birkebeinerrennet, IngaLåmi, HalvBirken ski, FredagsBirken ski, StafettBirken ski, UngdomsBirken ski, BarneBirken ski, Birkebeinerløpet, HalvBirken løp, UltraBirken løp, UngdomsBirken løp and BarneBirken løp.

Birkebeinerrittet, FredagsBirken, UltraBirken sykkel, UngdomsBirken sykkel and BarneBiken sykkel, LandeveisBirken, HalvBirken landevei and UngdomsBirken landevei.

Birkebeinerrennet was first arranged in 1932, and Birkebeinerløpet added to the events in 1998. Birkebeinerrittet was first arranged in 1993 and FredagsBirken added to the event in 2008.

The Birkebeiner history
Birkebeinerarrangementene is founded upon the legendary escape that  the Birkebeiners, Skjervald Skrukka and Torstein Skjevla, managed around New Year 1205/1206, rescuing the little prince, Håkon Håkonsson, from the Baglers.  During this civil war the fraction rivalling against the Birkebeiners, the Baglers, was looking for the young heir to the Norwegian throne.

Skrukka and Skjevla were very experienced skiers, and managed to bring the prince to safety by skiing, through a blizzard, from Lillehammer, through Østerdalen, ending up in Nidaros.

Read more about the history of the Birkebeiners, and all our events:


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Birken AS

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