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UltraBirken mountain run 60 km

Welcome to UltraBirken mountain run June 9. 2018

The trail is very varied, and a real challenge.

Ultra Birken run start at Sjusjøen cross country arena, and finish by Håkons Hall, Lillehammer. The trail is 60 km, and travels from fra Sjusjøen via Lunkefjell, Reina, Reinsfjell, Pellestova, Nevelfjell, Nysæterhøgda, Lunkefjell, Sjusjøen, Heståsen, Birkebeinerbakken, Spiten, Mesnasaga to the finish line at Håkons Hall. Participations is available for all over the age of 16 years by 31.12.18

Approved UTMB race
UltraBirken run is approved as qualification race for the UTMB cup for 2 points.

Starting time/classes
Scratch start at 07.30. UltraBirken mountain run has classes for females and men
F/M 16-19, F/M 20-29, F/M 30-39 F/M 40-49, F/M 50-59, F/M 60-69, F/M 70-79.

All participants must carry a backpack. There is no weight limit, but you must bring food, drinks, clothes, reflex vest and mobile phone.

Bus to the starting area
Shuttle buses free of charge from Håkons Hall to the start area at Sjusjøen 06.30. You need to book bus in advance: Send an e-mail to  [email protected]
Parking is available outside Håkons Hall for a fee of NOK 50,-  paid on site.

Luggage is handed in at the start area, Sjusjøen. You can retrieve your luggage on the north end of  Kristins Hall, Lillehammer.

Drop zones for luggage is available at Pellestova and Nordsetervegen. Please hand in your luggage for the drop zones at the start area.

There are prizes for the 3 best in each class. The ceremony will be held outside of Håkons Hall at 15.00  In addition to these prizes, 25% of the participants will also recieve a prize. All participants recieve a special diploma for finishing the race.

Toilets and showers
Please use the toilets in the start area. Showers are available inside Håkons Hall.

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