10.10.2013 14:12 - oppdatert 10.02.2017 13:53 FredagsBirken ski C/F

Welcome to the 6th annual FredagsBirken ski C/F March 17. 2017

NEWS FOR 2017!

We introduce free technique in FredagsBirken ski.
Choose class: Classic technique, first start at 08.30 - or Free technique, first start at 10.00

FredagsBirken ski starts at Thingstadjordet, Rena and finish at Birkebeineren Ski stadium, Lillehammer. The track is 54 km, and identical to the Birkebeinerrennet track.

All participants must be over the age of 16 by 31.12.17.
A backpack weighing at least 3.5 kg must be worn throughout the race.

FredagsBirken ski has self seeding, all participants choose which wave to start in when entering the race.

FredagsBirken ski is a part of the Birkebeinbertriple, and also of the Worldloppet races.

Entry fees: 
Before March 15. : NOK 1060,-
15. - 17.03.17 : NOK 1300,-

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