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Entry conditions

Please read the conditions thoroughly.

1. No refund
There is no refund for any reason. This applies for participation cost, transport and accommodation.

2. Cancellation
In the unlikely event of a cancellation prior to the day of the race, the organizer can keep 50% of the entry fee, to cover expenses.
If the race is relocated, but being held at the same date, or the race is cancelled on the original date – and being moved to an alternative date, the participants is not eligible for refund.
By cancellation on the race day, due to bad weather conditions or force majeure, the entry fee will not be refunded.

3. Transport, accommodation etc.
The participants expenses concerning transportation, accommodation etc, will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation.

4. Personal information
By entering our races, you agree to your name being published in public starting lists and result lists. These lists may also contain information about age and club memberships.
Your personal information, and results, will be registered in our database according to the rules and regulations in the Norwegian Personal Data Act
Photos of the participants may be published on the internet by the organizers, or by a third part – following an agreement with the organizer, in such a way that all participants can be identified through a search engine. The publishing of photos will only apply to those participants that have agreed to such a use.

5. Use of photos
Participation in our races includes the permission to allow situation photos from the races – that might include you, to be published on our web site after the arrangements. Such photos will be part of our archive, and might be used in the organizers journal or other publications. If the photos are sold to a third party, the buyer is responsible for using the photos according to the regulations that apply.

6. General provisions for the events
Birkebeinerrittet, Birkebeinerrennet, Birkebeinerløpet – and all other events being arranged by the Birkebeinerarrangementene, is run according to the rules of the NCF and Norges Friidrettsforbund.
The participants must abide by those rules and regulations.

7. Insurance
All participants must have a license to participate. This is an insurance – and is mandatory for both our cycling and running and events.
This applies for participants from age 13 to 79.

For our skiing events the license i mandatory for participants from age 13-69 that is member of the Norwegian National Insurance - paying taxes to Norway.
The participants that the license not apply for will need for sign an Athletes Declaration form when picking up their BIB.

8. Doping regulations
Bicycling, skiing and running races will be organized in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Norwegian Cycling Federation (NCF), the Norwegian Ski Federation (NSF) and the Norwegian Athletics Federation (NAF). The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation and Sports's (NIF) doping regulations apply to all events. Participants are obligated to comply with all regulations and instructions prescribed by the organizer.

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