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Birken APP

Keep track of the contestants as they cross the mountain.

Birken APP
In close cooperation with Evry we have launched our Birken App. The app is useful for both participants, their followers and others with an interest in our events.

The app consists of startlists and results. All participants can also use their My Page through the app, including a barcode to be used when you retrieve your BIB, your diploma and your prize. Results for all participants from 2000 is also available.

The app gives you access to Birken Livetracker. Here you are able to follow up to 4 participants at the same time, as they cross the mountains on their way to Lillehammer.

The app is avaiable for iPhone, iPad via App Store (IOS 7) and android via Google Play (from version 2.3.3).

The Birken app is free of charge. Access to Wi-fi or 3G/4G is necessary to use the Livetracker. The entire trail from Rena to Lillehammer does not have 3G/4G, so in some areas it will take a while for the Livetracker to update.

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