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Birken Skate

Birken Skate
Birkebeinerrennet March 17th is still in classic technique. If you wish to skate over the mountains from Rena to Lillehammer you will get the chance on Friday March 16th.

FredagsBirken C/F opened for free technique for the first time in 2017 and 446 participants skated the first version of the race.

 March 16th 2018 you will get the chance once in the second version of FredagsBirken free technique.

Anders Gløersen and Hilde Fenne won their classes in the first version of FredagsBirken free technique.

In 2018 the skate/free technique classes will start from 08.30 split into 4 waves. The classes in classic technique will start from 09.00.

When entering for FredagsBirken C/F you choose which class – free and classic technique, and then which wave you want to start in within the technique you have chosen. The course from Rene to Lillehammer is wide and there will be room for both the classic and free technique racers. The traditional backpack of 3,5 kg are compulsory for both techniques.

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