No participants from Russia or Belarus in Birken

Birken 2018 DB 43 raudfjellet

Photo and text: Birken

No Russian or Belarusian participation in Birken
Based on developments in recent days with Russia's military attack on Ukraine and the ongoing war, Birken has decided not to allow Russian or Belarusian participation in Birken 2022.

Birken har also decided not to fly the Russian flag during this year’s events. 

”Together with other long-distance race organizers, we have jointly decided not to allow Russian or Belarusian participation in Birken Ski Festival races and the remaining four competitions included in the international long-distance cup Visma Ski Classics this season,” says Eirik Torbjørnsen, CEO of Birken.

At present, when it comes to Birken, the decision affects 43 Russian participants, the majority of whom are registered for Birkebeinerrennet on Saturday, March 19.

”Not allowing Russian or Belarusian participation in Birken Ski festival is in line with the measures we’re seeing related to sporting events right now,” says Eirik Torbjørnsen.

Birken is following developments closely and has a continued close dialogue with the authorities as well the Norwegian Ski Association.

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