Track description
The track is about 16 km, start at Birkebeineren Ski Stadium and finish at Haakons Hall. After start the track takes you south at Sjøsetervegen on gravel and asphalt. This part is part of the Brikebeinerrittet track, but in opposite direction.

At 5 km, the highest point in the track (589 meters above sea level the track turns right and takes you out of the Birkebeinerrittet track and to Sagmyra. From there to Myggbukta there are about 1 km om gravel and path. From that point you will cycle on a good gravel road until you reach the food and -drink station at Mesnasaga.

From Mesnasaga to Vårsæterveien you will cycle on path. From Vårsetervegen til Kanalen it is a wide gravel road. At the end of Kanalen the track again takes you on to the Birkebeinerrittet track. There are some sharp turns on asphalt road before you reach Ballettbakken. The track goes down on the right at Ballettbakken (gravel and grass). It is narrow, steep and bumpy going down Old Nordsetervei - Try to slow down.
You will reach the finish line at Haakons Hall at 16 km  after going down Kleivbakken.

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