Birkebeiner of the year
(Årets Birkebeiner)

All participants that that finishes Birkebeinerrennet (alternatively: TurBirken ski 54 or SkøyteBirken) and finishes in Birkebeinerløpet 21 km and Birkebeinerrittet 86 km during one calendar year holds the title Birkebeiner of the year.

Results Birkebeiner of the year

  • Ranked results: All that finishes in ranked classes in Birkebeinerrennet, Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerløpet (exeptipon: the All-Road, Trim and El-Bike class in Birkebeinerrittet).
  • Alphabetical results: All that finishes Birkebeinertrippelen with some of the alternative races: TurBirken ski 54, SkøyteBirken, All-Road class, Trim or El-Biken in Birkebeinerrittet.

Super Birkebeiner
To gain the title Super Birkebeiner you have to participate in the three main events, Birkebinerrennet, Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerløpet. Those are the only events that give you the opportunity to achieve the Birkebeiner Medal. All participants in these events that gains the Birkebeiner Medal in all three, earns the title Super Birkebeiner.

Prizes and diplomas will be given at the last race in Birkebeinertrippelen at Birken cycle festival.
All that finishes recieves a Birkebeiner plate from Hadeland Glassverk.
Prize seremoni for top 3 in each class at stage outside Håkons Hall.

Prizes and diplomas must be picked up in Håkons Hall during Birken cycle festival.

All from the age 17 years old by 31.12 in the race year can participate.

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