Customers welfare and information are very important to us

Prior to event, we commit to this by:

  • Make product and price information clear, complete and accurate, with regard to the company and its products and services, including sustainability claims;
  • Provide destination information, including sustainability aspects, which is factually correct, balanced and complete;
  • Promote (Certified) sustainable accommodations, packages and/or transport options, with logos or other messages; ensuring they are recognizable to consumer and presented as the “better” option;

After booking and during events, we commit to this by:

  • Provide Information to participants about the natural surroundings, local culture and cultural heritage;
  • Motivate clients to use local restaurants and shops (where appropriate);
  • Inform clients on sustainable transport options in destinations, when feasible;

After events, we commit to this by:

  • Have clear procedures in case of complaints from clients;
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