trippelbilde på nye nettsider

Birken all year round



Birkebeiner of the year
All participants that that finishes Birkebeinerrennet (alternatively: TurBirken ski 54 or SkøyteBirken) and finishes in Birkebeinerløpet 21 km and Birkebeinerrittet 86 km (alternatively TurBirken cycle 86) during one calendar year holds the title Birkebeiner of the year. If you participated in our three main events, Birkebeinerrennet, Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerløpet, your results will be published in order of ranking.
All participants completing all three events will recieve a Birkebeiner breakfast plate.

Super Birkebeiner
To gain the title Super Birkebeiner you have to participate in the three main events, Birkebinerrennet, Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerløpet. Those are the only events that give you the opportunity to achieve the Birkebeiner Medal. All participants in these events that gains the Birkebeiner Medal in all three, earns the title Super Birkebeiner.


All participants that finishes UngdomsBirken ski, UngdomsBirken run and UngdomsBirken cycle during the same year holds the title Youth Birkebeiner of the year.

Diploma, pin and an ingraved breakfast plate from Hadeland Glassverk.


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