• Use public transport to and from competition. Both practical and relaxing. Birken offers good options.

  • Protect and respect nature.
    Always keep in mind that nature provides the environnement that makes the Birken experience so unique. Sherish the nature

  • Think local and buy global
    Support local initiativ and you support a better global world

  • Prefer local food and support local economy.
    Purchase of goods and food from the region is both exciting and responsible.

  • Handle on the course as you do home.
    Take the time to pick up waste even you are aiming to a great performance.

  • Slow travel
    Slow travel is an approach to travel that emphasizes connection to local people, cultures, food and nature. Help us remaining sustainable.

Our volunteers are our labour forces.  Be nice to them as they are to you. Together we create the magic of sports events.

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