Seeding races for Birkebeinerrennet 2022

Birken ski 16.3 2019  _29

Text and photo: Birken

A total of 22 Norwegian and 20 international races are seeding races for the next Birkebeinerrennet, March 19th 2022.

The first international seeding race this season is Tre Cime Criterium 48 km, January 8th 2022.

View the complete list of races

Seeded wave start in Birkebeinerrennet.
All participants are seeded into waves based on their previous results in Birkebeinerrennet 2016 -2019, FredagsBirken ski 2016-2018, HalvBirken ski 2016-2018, TurBirken 2019, SkøyteBirken 2019 and Ingalåmi 30 km 2016-2019.

Foreigners that do not have any results sanctioned for ordinary seeding, could get seeding from results from the international races stated in the list of races sanctioned for seeding from 2019, 2020 or 2021.  

For reseeding, please send your result March 9 at the latest to

Group start
If two or more competitors wants to start together in the same wave, we can offer that in one of the unseeded waves if free spaces.

If all the competitors in the group has results sanctioned for seeding we can place the group in the wave of the slowest skiier.

Please contact us at  - remember to state name and Birken ID's for the competitors in the group.

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