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12.06.2024 Text and Photo: Birken, Sportograf

Distribution of BIBs
Friday June 14.: Håkons Hall 10.00 – 21.00
Saturday June 15.: At the start, Opening hours

What happens when?
See the starting times, expected finish times and ceremoies

Your personal photo
Sportograf delivers photo service for LøpeBirken (except BarneBirken and UngdomsBirken). To access your photos after the race you must approve that your photos can be shown at your My Page.

Live tracker
Keep track of the contestants as they cross the mountain. Live tracker can be accessed at the Birken App and at our web page: Live tracker

Race planner
Plan your race according to your chosen finish time.

Have you paid the license?
All participants, including foreigners, must have a valid license to enter Norwegian running events. You buy it when signing up, at your My Page or at the Race office.

Park at Håkons Hall and use the free shuttle bus to start
We recommend ALL to park their car at the assigned parking area close to Håkons Hall and use the FREE shuttle bus to the starting area.

There will be free shuttle between the finish area at Håkons Hall and the start area at Birkebeineren ski stadium Saturday 08.00-18.00. The ride takes approximately 10 minutes from Håkons Hall to Birkebeineren ski stadium

If you arrive Lillehammer by train 9.41 or 10.41, there will be free shuttle buses from the station to the starting area as well.

Buy your parking ticket before you arrive
Parking: NOK 95,- Book your parking ticket.

Bus to start UltraBirken and Birken fjellmaraton
There will be free shuttle to UltraBirken and Birken fjellmaraton from Kleivbakken behind Håkons Hall to start at Sjusjøen at 06.30 and at 07.00.
Book bus: Send e-mail to no later than Friday at 20.00.

Birken TV - here you can watch the runners at the start, in the track and at the finish

NOTE: At the race day - remember to drink BEFORE you get thirsty!

Keep Birken clean
Help us to keep Birken clean.
Please bring your own litter to the nearest food station or use the drop zones along the course.

Visit the Sport 1 market in Håkons Hall
Lots of good offers

Visit Lillehammer sentrum
After the run you can enjoy the rest of the day in the charming atmosphere of  Lillehammer sentrums

Welcome to LøpeBirken 2024

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