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Fotograf Emil Sjåstad Nyeng (39 of 39)

Updated 12/03/2024 Text and photo: Birken

Rena - where do you pick up your bibs?
On the race day, it is only possible to pick up the start number at start/ Tingstadjordet. If you want to pick up your start number the day before, you pick up the bibs in Åmot kulturhus, center of Rena.

Thursday: Åmot kulturhus at 15.00-21.00

Friday: Start/Tingstadjordet at 07.00–09.00, Åmot kulturhus 10.00–21.00

Saturday: Start/Tingstadjordet at 06.00–10.00

Check when and where you can pick up your bibs

Take bus to start
We recommend everyone to take the bus to the start. Buses are booked via Min Side, the deadline for booking is at 20.00 the night before.See bus table

Ski wax tips
Rode ski wax helps you prepare your skis both at Rena and in Lillehammer.
See tips, prices and deadlines.

Back pack 3,5 kg
All participants must carry a bag weighing at least 3.5 kg. The bag must contain a windproof jacket and trousers, dry underwear or extra insulating layer, mittens, hat, balaclava/buff/headover, and it must be carried on the back during the entire run.

What happens when?
See  "what happens when" during the Birken Ski.

Food- and drink stations
There is a refill of Maxim sports drink at start/Tingstadjordet. At the food-and drink stations you get Gilde sausages, Maxim, Vørterøl, Pepsi-Cola, lefse, banana and coffee. Red Bull, water, Gilde sausages and Maarud potato crisps are served in the finish. Read more

Sport 1 market
Visit the Sport 1 market at Rena Torg or in Håkons Hall, Lillehammer. See opening hours

Luggage transport from the start at Rena, Tingstadjordet to Håkons Hall, Lillehammer is included in the starting quota. Luggage must be handed in before the start. There is no luggage drop-off in the center of Rena. See more information about luggage

Invironmental guards
Litter in the route causes ugly falls and injuries during SkiBirken. When you throw your waste on the ski slopes, you not only harm the environment, you also harm those coming behind you! This year we are increasing the number of environmental guards out on the trail, they will prevent but also punish if necessary. 

Birken TV
Follow the participants along the trail and when they cross the finish line at the Birkebeieneren ski stadium. See Birken-TV

NRK broadcasts the Birkebeinerrennet
Follow NRK from 07.30

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