54 km, 15.03.25
Fotograf Emil Sjåstad Nyeng (12 of 39)

The legendary ski race

The legendary Birkebeinerrennet takes place March 15th 2025

Birkebeinerrennet is a cross-country race starting at Rena and finishing in Lillehammer. The 54 km, classic technique, race crosses two mountains, and the track takes you through breathtaking sceneries.
It was in this landscape that the king's son was brought to safety in the 13th century. Birkebeinerrennet was introduced in 1932 to honor the fraction Birkebeinerne, who saved the heir by escaping their enemy by skiing across the mountains.
Since then, the trip over the mountains has challenged hundreds of thousands of Norwegians.
Competitors must be 16 years old by 31.12.25.
All participants must carry a backpack weighing at least 3.5 kg throughout the race.

Race info

Birkebeinerrennet 54 km

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Need to know in advance

Information all races SkiBirken

On race day

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