Rena - Vivelstadsvea 0-11 km
Start line in Rena: Tollef Kildesgate, and then north at Koppangveien, below RV-3, into Rogsveveien and then Kirkeberggt., further south on Løypeveien and into  Åsbygdveien. Follow Åsbygdveien to Vivelstadsvea.
The first 10 km is on tarmac and flat terrain.

Vivelstadsvea – Bringbu 11-26 km
You cycle on a nice, wide gravel road from Vivelstadsvea down to Åstadalen. Here there are about 3 km of flat and downhill slopes. After the descents, there is a long section of gravel road along the Åstaelva and up to Djuposet. After the forest part/walking part, the track goes on a forest/gravel road for about 4 km to the food station at Bringbusætra. Before the food station, there is a steep hill down to a sharp right turn on the bridge.

Bringbu – Kvarstad 26-44 km.
Dirt road with gravel and narrow trails. You will pass the river Kråleråa over a bridge. Further the track continues on dirt road up to Bjønnåsen and then 2 km in beautiful surroundings (some of this part is single track) up to Nysetra and then to Øyungen (785 meters above sea level). Then it is a quick part down to Kvarstad (670 meters above sea level).

Kvarstad – Storåsen 44-63 km
From Kvarstad the track climbs on dirt road up Kvarstadsæterlia to Grunnbekken and Storstilen. After the bridge in the bottom of the hill, you will start climbing the famous Rosinbakkene. You will climb for approx. 1,4 km.  Further, the course continues in hilly terrain to Aksjøen (860 meters above sea level) and to Elgåsen (900 meters above sea level. The track is still climbing up to the highest point Storåsen/Sjusjøen (955 meters above sea level.)

Storåsen – Håkons Hall, Lillehammer 63-84 km

After passing Storåsen the track goes mainly on dirt roads, and trails with gravels towards Nybu. Here you will face steep downhill cycling for approx.1 km. be aware that you are on a narrow trail with pebbles and demanding turns so take care and be considerate. After approx. 3 km the track goes steep downhill and turns in a sharp 180 degrees turn to the right at Avskåkalia into Sjøsetervegen. Sjøsetervegen towards Birkebeiner ski stadium is on asphalt and the speed can get high. The road can be in bad condition – be aware of holes and dumps.

In to Birkebeineren Skistadion and further to Kroken the track is dirt road and trails. Then it changes to asphalt steep downhill with some sharp turns until the top of the famous Ballettbakken. Ballettbakken is a steep downhill on gravel. You will finish the race on asphalt and forest path down Gamle Nordseterveg and finish line at Håkons Hall, Lillehammer (290 meters above sea level).

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