Updated 17 March at 12.10

Today's SkøyteBirken and TurBirken are cancelled

There is strong wind and snow in the mountains, and it is considered unsafe for skiers to be in the mountains.

The participants will be offered a start tomorrow Saturday.

All registrants are automatically transferred to the Birkebeinerrennet in our systems. If you cannot start tomorrow, our system will catch it and you will be refunded 50% of the entry fee after the race weekend in accordance with our entry conditions.

You can also choose to move your registration to next year. 

SkøyteBirken (skate)
A separate skating start will be set up at 10.30 after the last start of the Birkebeiner race on 18 March, the track will be prepared with skating tracks.

Vacant places on mattress accommodation
Do you need accommodationfrom Friday to Saturday?
There are places available for mattress accommodation at Rena. You reorder on you My Page. 

Bus info
Do you have a bus ticket to TurBirken and SkøyteBirken on Friday 17. March and want to start on Saturday instead? You don't need to buy a new ticket! Use the same ticket on Saturday or show a screenshot of the registration for TurBirken and SkøyteBirken to the bus driver. You do not need to book a bus ticket again.

See the bus schedule and departure times here

TurBirken - start times, waves, seeding
All participants who should have started on Friday will automatically be placed in wave 12 with start time at 09.20. If you want seeding, you MUST make contact. 

Contact the race-office in Håkons Hall or in Åmot kulturhus or send an e-mail to  and we will help you (seeding does not happen automatically). 

SkøyteBirken starts at 10.30 a.m. after the last start of the Birkebeiner race on 18 March. SkøyteBirken as an event goes as planned. Joint start with wave 1 (arranged first) and wave 2, all start at the same time. The track will be prepared with skating tracks.

Have you already collected your start number for SkøyteBirken and TurBirken 54 km?

Use the same start number and chip you have been given. If you already handed in your chip, contact the race office in Håkons Hall or in Åmot kulturhus at Rena and you will be given a new chip.

Not picked up your start number for SkøyteBirken and TurBirken 54 km?

Pick up your start number either in Håkons Hall or in Åmot kulturhus on Friday 17 March. On the race day, Saturday 18 March, it is only possible to pick up your start number in Åmot kulturhus, Rena.

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